De top 7 van Edinburgh

1. Holyroodpark

Holyroodpark is a place where you can relax. It’s de biggest park in Edinburgh and you can climb de highest point in Edinburgh: Arthur’s Seat. Within the park, you can also visit St. Anthony’s Chapel – a 15th-century medieval chapel, Salisbury Crags – a series of 150-foot cliff face dominating Edinburgh’s skyline as well as Duddington Loch – a freshwater loch rich in birdlife. Holyroodpark takes you out of the busy city of Edinburgh. There is peace and quiet. You cannot hear any noise from the city and the view is extraordinary. A must for a visit to Edinburgh.

2. West Bow

This street in Edinburgh runs down from the Royal Mile to the Grassmarket and is famous for its beautiful colours. A wish for photographers, but also something you cannot miss as a tourist. For the photographers, go to this street at night and you will get one of the most beautiful pictures you can imagine. Wait for a car to come by and Voila! There are a lot of nice and tiny restaurants where you can eat whatever you like. But watch out for the pig head in one of the counters. Which one? You have to find out for yourself.

3. Cockburn Street

In the street that connects the Royal Mile to Waverly Station, there are many shops and restaurants. There’re also funny stairs. The street is still in Old Town, but it’s less busy and noisy than the Royal Mile. The street is named after a Scottish Lawyer. Cockburn Street was redeveloped from significant decline with collaboration between local council, stakeholders, heritage groups and many others.

4. The Royal Mile

The Royal Mile is a combination of streets in Edinburgh and is located in the Old Town. Yes, there are a lot of tourists, but it is definitely worth a visit. On top of the Royal Mile is Edinburgh Castle and on the lowest point the Palace of Holyroodhouse: the reason why it is called the Royal Mile. If you walk downwards and there are no clouds, you can even see the sea down below. There are a lot of street performers (especially during some festivals), restaurants, shops and churches located on The Royal Mile, including the famous St. Giles Cathedral.

5. Patisserie Valerie

Located on North Bridge, you can find Patisserie Valerie, a café opened in 1926. The pastries and cakes in the showcase look so delicious, you can probably not resist going in there. Inside there is a cosy atmosphere and the menu has a lot to offer: smoothies, a typical English breakfast, giant croissants and of course the beautiful cakes. The locals are guests too, so you can be assured it is a great place for breakfast, lunch or afternoon tea.

6. Calton Hill

If you have some energy left after an eventful day in Edinburgh, you have to visit Calton Hill. From this place you have an amazing view over Edinburgh. You can see Edinburgh Castle, Arthur’s Seat, the sea and many more. Especially during sunrise or sunset it is beautiful. On top of the hill you can find the unfinished acropolis: the National Monument. This acropolis reminds people why Edinburgh was once called the Athene of the North. Right now the area of the old city observation is being renovated, but that does not affect the view.

7. The Scotsman Steps

At North Bridge, next to the Scotsman Hotel (it used to be the Scotsman Newspaper), you can find the Scotsmen Steps. These stairs connect Old and New Town and didn’t always look that clean. In the past the steps smelled like urine and the white walls were barely visible because of the graffiti. But in 2010 the City of Edinburgh Council decided to renovate the Scotsman Steps. The renovation was called Work No. 1059 and was a project of Martin Creed. Each step got its own colour of marble. These 104 colours are from 45 countries from all over the world and Creed sees the steps as a microcosm of the whole world.

The top 3 was written by Cédric Broodman
The top 4 till 7 was written by Mirthe van Wijngaarden
The map was created by Stephanie Roggekamp and Maps4news

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